Tee Par Yards hcp
BLACK 4 378 12
GREEN 4 353 12
WHITE 4 332 12
GOLD 4 302 12
Hole One

Your drive needs to be positioned just left of the fairway bunker, which allows for an easier and shorter approach into an elevated green. A good starting hole with a glimpse of things to come.

Tee Par Yards hcp
BLACK 4 407 2
GREEN 4 379 2
WHITE 4 351 2
GOLD 4 326 6
Hole Two

A drive placed slightly left of center will bounce back to the right and set you up for a very difficult but manageable approach. The uphill lie for the second shot and the green elevation make you realize why this is the second toughest hole on the course.

Tee Par Yards hcp
BLACK 4 398 14
GREEN 4 372 14
WHITE 4 346 14
GOLD 4 329 14
Hole Three

This is a very straightforward hole. Your drive needs to be down the middle just left of the fairway bunkers. This will set you up for a very approachable green and a good birdie opportunity.

Tee Par Yards hcp
BLACK 5 510 10
GREEN 5 490 10
WHITE 5 474 10
GOLD 5 434 10
Hole Four

A relatively short but strategically designed Par 5 with great risk reward possibilities. A good drive will leave the big hitters with a tough decision, to go for it or lay up. The green is well defended by several bunkers and some severe slopes put a real premium on ball position.

Tee Par Yards hcp
BLACK 3 153 18
GREEN 3 130 18
WHITE 3 109 18
GOLD 3 97 18
Hole Five

A fun par 3 that has provided many exciting Hole-In-Ones and it’s fair share of high scores over the years. The green slopes severely from front to back and right to left. Any shots long or right will require a very delicate touch to get the ball close.

Tee Par Yards hcp
BLACK 4 405 4
GREEN 4 381 4
WHITE 4 350 4
GOLD 4 316 8
Hole Six

A long, tough uphill par 4 is just what the doctor ordered. A drive aimed at the tree in the right rough is perfect, as the fairway will kick your ball back to the left. An uphill approach to a very difficult green with a large false front makes par a great score on this hole.

Tee Par Yards hcp
BLACK 4 376 8
GREEN 4 340 8
WHITE 4 313 8
GOLD 4 298 10
Hole Seven

A very difficult driving hole due to elevated tee, severely sloping fairway and trouble to the left. Too much club off of the tee or on your second shot may find the lake if you’re not careful. The narrow green is nestled right up against the lake making for a scary approach.

Tee Par Yards hcp
BLACK 5 612 6
GREEN 5 583 6
WHITE 5 541 6
GOLD 5 492 4
Hole Eight

This is our longest and most generous driving hole on the course, stretching back to 612 yards. The second shot is played into a very narrow neck with OB left and trees right. A short approach shot to the green may potentially roll all the way back down the fairway due to the deceptive false front.

Tee Par Yards hcp
BLACK 3 173 16
GREEN 3 148 16
WHITE 3 136 16
GOLD 3 117 16
Hole Nine

A difficult medium length par 3 thanks to a creek running all the way down the left side of the green and around in front of the tee. If you miss right of the green it is very difficult to get up and down due to the severe slope and ridges in the green.

Tee Par Yards hcp
BLACK 4 392 15
GREEN 4 370 15
WHITE 4 313 15
GOLD 4 290 13
Hole Ten

Don’t let the view from the tee intimidate you. A conservative play from the tee will leave you with a mid iron approach to a well-protected green. Water protects the green left and long, while bunkers will penalize shots hit to the right.

Tee Par Yards hcp
BLACK 5 566 7
GREEN 5 535 7
WHITE 5 492 7
GOLD 5 430 3
Hole Eleven

Only the longest of hitters will be able to reach this green in two. The tree protecting the green puts an emphasis on a quality second shot that either leaves you far enough behind it, or right of the tree to have a clear shot at the green.

Tee Par Yards hcp
BLACK 3 179 17
GREEN 3 158 17
WHITE 3 149 17
GOLD 3 123 17
Hole Twelve

This par 3 will play uphill and into a prevailing wind. Pin position should dictate how aggressive to be on your tee shot. Pin locations at the front or back of the green will be much more difficult than a hole location in the middle of the green.

Tee Par Yards hcp
BLACK 4 405 13
GREEN 4 373 13
WHITE 4 349 13
GOLD 4 325 9
Hole Thirteen

Players must hit their tee shots down the right side of the fairway to have an open view to the green. A good tee shot provides the player with one of the few birdie opportunities on the back nine.

Tee Par Yards hcp
BLACK 5 552 1
GREEN 5 532 1
WHITE 5 509 1
GOLD 5 477 1
Hole Fourteen

A drive of 200 to 220 yards off of the tee is all that is needed as the fairway pinches severely at 250 yards. The second shot should be played down the right side to avoid a stand of trees that protects the left side of the green.

Tee Par Yards hcp
BLACK 4 394 3
GREEN 4 359 3
WHITE 4 342 3
GOLD 4 314 7
Hole Fifteen

This is a true risk/reward hole. A fairway at the bottom of the hill awaits the aggressive player, while conservative hitters will face an approach shot of 175 to 200 yards. A small creek crosses the fairway 50 yards in front of the green.

Tee Par Yards hcp
BLACK 4 440 5
GREEN 4 375 5
WHITE 4 345 5
GOLD 4 316 11
Hole Sixteen

A well placed drive will come to rest at the top of the hill giving the players a clear view down to one of the most challenging greens on the course. If the pin is on the bottom tier, players can play into the slope and give themselves an eagle opportunity.

Tee Par Yards hcp
BLACK 3 215 9
GREEN 3 200 9
WHITE 3 165 9
GOLD 3 129 15
Hole Seventeen

This is our signature hole. Pay special attention to the wind, as it can swirl on the tee box. Players can breath a sigh of relief if their ball comes to rest anywhere on the putting surface.

Tee Par Yards hcp
BLACK 4 385 11
GREEN 4 361 11
WHITE 4 335 11
GOLD 4 311 5
Hole Eighteen

What a great finishing hole! Water guards the right side of the fairway but playing conservative and to the left side of the fairway leaves the player a longer approach shot in. The green slopes severely off of the hill behind the green so a quality second shot is required to secure your par.